Ambika Chawla

Ambika Chawla is a climate policy researcher and writer. Her work has been published by UN-Habitat, the Panos Institute, WWF and the Global Green Growth Institute, among others. She is the project coordinator for “State of the World 2009: Into a Warming World” by the Worldwatch Institute. The book is a comprehensive reference guide on climate change and has been translated into at least 20 languages.

curly kale

This Experiential Learning Farm Helps Youth Build a Better World

At Freetown Farm, members of the community can learn the names of medicinal herbs and harvest vegetables, all while developing a deeper relationship to the land and local community.

October 1, 2021

Platte Farm Open Space

Green space in cities can bring considerable health benefits for communities, but access is unequal

Compared to affluent white communities, lower-income communities and communities of color are missing out on the advantages urban greenery provides. What does it take to level the playing field?

April 1, 2021


Q&A: A young environmental justice leader on the value of getting youth of color into nature

“Before decisions are made we need to practice what we preach when we say that we stand for justice and equity. In any decision-making process, youth need to be involved from the get-go.”

December 4, 2020