Ali Amouzai

Ali Amouzai is an activist and researcher from Morocco. He is a member of Almounadil-a
movement (a revolutionary socialist labour movement) and an activist within the February
20 Movement. He has written research papers for a number of networks, including ATTACMorocco
and the North African Network for Food Sovereignty.


Disastrous capitalism in Morocco in wake of earthquake

The term ‘neoliberal earthquake’ may seem like a cliche, but in the context of the recent natural disaster in Morocco, it really does encompass some of the defining elements of contemporary capitalism.

October 16, 2023


Towards a Just Recovery from the Covid-19 Crisis

As NAFSN highlighted the implications of the viral outbreak for the region, it also considered the crisis to be an opportunity to create an alternative to the current unjust and precarious systems we are living under.

September 23, 2021