Adèle Pautrat

With a degree in political science and international cooperation, Adèle Pautrat has developed an expertise on agro-ecological transition and agrobiodiversity issues, while working as a coordinator for the Belgian NGO Artemisia. She is now in charge of the integration of the Seeds4all project in the scope of work of ARC2020, also providing iconography missions for the NGO. As a second activity, Adèle works as a freelance photographer.

Jorn showing me around De Kollebloem farm © Adèle Violette

A Leek for Change! The Belgian Trio on a Mission to Save Seeds

(Re)creating community is a sine qua non for the transition to agricultural practices that are more respectful of farmers and the environment. And in this perspective, seeds are an inexhaustible source of passion to bring a community together.

July 12, 2024

Veggies that grow facing the ocean, on the Pembrokeshire Welsh coast © Adèle Violette

Târ y donc a tori – Lessons on the Subversive Nature of Transmission, from a Stubborn Welshman

To transmit is to empower – as many people as possible to be trained to become farmers; as many people as possible saving and adapting seeds to their own conditions.

May 24, 2024

The Corioule farm in Assesse, with its fields of organic cereals © Adèle Violette

Old Varieties and Short Production Circuits to Rebuild “Rural Solidarities”

Comprising around ten member associations, the RMRM aims at supporting and connecting initiatives that promote the preservation of old varieties and peasant breeding practices, in an area bounded by the three rivers that give it its name.

September 12, 2023