Aaron Ebner

Aaron Ebner has been working and living in rural Peru since 2009. He is Executive Director of The Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development an organization dedicated to supporting indigenous farming culture in Peru. He codirected, Opening the Earth: The Potato King, an internationally acclaimed documentary on the resilience of Indigenous culture in Peru. You can find him in the Andes of Peru or email him at aaron@alianzaandina.org

Mapacho coffee farmers

Beyond the Daily Grind: How a Few Peruvian Coffee Revolutionaries Are Conserving Nature While Growing World-Class Beans

Small scale farmers like those found in Mapacho are often the most sustainable farmers, maintain the most biodiversity and generally produce the best coffee because industrial agriculture inputs are not accessible and farmers are encouraged to grow in harmony with the rainforest.

September 5, 2023

A Road to Where? The consequences of new roads in the Amazon

Roads will continue to be built in the Amazon, however, severe environmental degradation does not have to be part of that reality. 

July 24, 2023

Walkers of Peru

The Walkers and the renaissance of indigenous culture in Peru

It took a pandemic to reveal that the most resilient communities are oftentimes the most overlooked. It’s time to listen and learn from indigenous knowledge and livelihoods.

September 25, 2020