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As ODAC went to press the oil price was back in the mid $90s again, on evidence of resilient (Asian) demand in the face of tightening supply: one OPEC minister ruled out an output hike at the cartel’s March meeting, Venezuela cut off supplies to ExxonMobil, and there was more bleak news on the Mexican production outlook.

Total reported disappointing production growth in 2007 of 1.5% — well short of its earlier forecast of 7% — and reserves replacement of just 78%. The French company did better than its peers — output from BP, Shell and Exxon fell last year — but its performance still reflects the worsening position of the super-majors, which now account for barely an eighth of global oil production.

The US and the UK continue to flirt with recession, and the IEA cut its demand forecast for 2008, but there was also evidence of continuing strong demand in China and Japan, with the result that oil is now back above $96.

City thinking on peak oil continues to develop. George Monbiot (‘Apart from used chip fat…’) who has blown hot and cold on this issue in the past, cites a new report from Citibank that forecasts “genuine difficulties” in increasing the production of crude oil, “particularly after 2012”. The Citibank note, entitled “The Pump…decline and fall”, arose from a briefing by Chris Skrebowski, editor of the Petroleum Review and an ODAC trustee, which the analysts evidently found compelling. With global oil production still on plateau since 2005 despite the soaring price, they concluded: “four years of failed supply response have shifted the burden of proof away from the sceptics and onto the supply optimists”. This report can be found on the ODAC website under Reports & Resources.

Meanwhile, Jeff Currie, head of commodities at Goldman Sachs, gave an alarming interview predicting famine as a result of the convergence of energy and agricultural markets through biofuels. Goldman’s most recent report on energy and commodities can also be found at the ODAC website. The Telegraph summarized Goldman’s argument as ‘”Peak oil” is morphing into “peak food”‘.

The good news is that the state government of Queensland has adopted a policy on peak oil. Launching the initiative, Queensland’s Minster for Sustainability, Climate Change and Innovation, Andrew McNamara, noted that in the past 2 weeks General Motors’ boss had said that world oil production has already peaked, while Shell’s Chief Executive had forecast the peak of “easy oil” within seven years. The Minister concluded “These are voices that the world can’t afford to ignore”. Unless, he might have added, you are a member of the British government.

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