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Science Magazine special on the energy crisis - 1974

19 April 1974 Cover

Science Magazine: 19 April 1974

Volume 184 Issue 4134


Philip H. Abelson
Science Apr 19 1974: 245. PDF


Low-Cost, Abundant Energy: Paradise Lost?
Hans H. Landsberg
Science Apr 19 1974: 247. PDF

The Social System and the Energy Crisis
Kenneth E. Boulding
Science Apr 19 1974: 254. PDF

Evolution of Public Response to the Energy Crisis
James R. Murray, Michael J. Minor, Norman M. Bradburn,
Robert F. Cotterman, Martin Frankel, Alan E. Pisarski
Science Apr 19 1974: 257. PDF

Conservation in Industry
Charles A. Berg
Science Apr 19 1974: 264. PDF

Energy Conservation at an Industrial Research Center
Alfred E. Brown and Edward B. Berkowitz
Science Apr 19 1974: 271. PDF

What Can the Academic Community Do?
William D. Metz
Science Apr 19 1974: 273. PDF

Individual Self-Sufficiency in Energy
Allen L. Hammond
Science Apr 19 1974: 278. PDF

Multiple Failures of Public and Private Institutions
Philip Sporn
Science Apr 19 1974: 284. PDF


The Executive: William E. Simon
Science Apr 19 1974: 287. PDF

The Congress: Sen. Henry M. Jackson
Science Apr 19 1974: 291. PDF


An Integrated National Energy Research and Development Program
Peter L. Auer
Science Apr 19 1974: 295. PDF

Florida: An Energy Policy Emerges in Growth State
Luther J. Carter
Science Apr 19 1974: 302. PDF

Energy Use in the U.S. Food System
John S. Steinhart and Carol E. Steinhart
Science Apr 19 1974: 307. PDF

Economic Strategy for Import-Export Controls on Energy Materials
Helmut J. Frank
Science Apr 19 1974: 316. PDF

Oil Money and World Money: Conflict or Confluence?
Thomas R. Stauffer
Science Apr 19 1974: 321. PDF

Applications of Input-Output Analysis to Energy Problems
Anne P. Carter
Science Apr 19 1974: 325. PDF

Prognosis for Expanded U.S. Production of Crude Oil
R. R. Berg, J. C. Calhoun Jr., R. L. Whiting
Science Apr 19 1974: 331. PDF

Problems of Expanding Coal Production
John Walsh
Science Apr 19 1974: 336. PDF

Clean Fuels from Coal Gasification
Arthur M. Squires
Science Apr 19 1974: 340. PDF

High-Sulfur Coal for Generating Electricity
James T. Dunham, Carl Rampacek, T. A. Henrie
Science Apr 19 1974: 346. PDF

Nuclear Eclectic Power
David J. Rose
Science Apr 19 1974: 351. PDF

Energy Choices That Europe Faces: A European View of Energy
Wolf Häfele
Science Apr 19 1974: 360. PDF

A Timetable for Expanded Energy Availability
Allen L. Hammond
Science Apr 19 1974: 367. PDF

Geothermal Electricity Production
Geoffrey R. Robson
Science Apr 19 1974: 371. PDF

Solar Energy by Photosynthesis
Melvin Calvin
Science Apr 19 1974: 375. PDF

Solar Energy Utilization by Physical Methods
Martin Wolf
Science Apr 19 1974: 382. PDF


Science Bibliography of Energy
Science Apr 19 1974: 386. PDF

Editorial Notes: In addition to the Science special issue, here is another blast from the past from RM: The Future for Petroleum - a prescient view from 1964 (PDF) Anthony Francis Fox, The World of Oil (via UBC website) RM writes:
A marvellous article of historical interest to Peak Oilers.. [It appears in the book] The World of Oil, written by an A.F. Fox, Head of the Geological and Geophysical Division of the Kuwait Oil Company. What caught my eye was the projected peak of crude Oil production (Fig 64). Although Mr. Fox cites Hubbert's many contributions throughout his textbook, he seems unaware of Hubbert's predictions with respect to peaking-so this appears to be an independent assessment. He makes a best guess of a peak of some 26 Gb/y around the year 2000. Not bad! This was made in the early 1960's, as he states "no forecast can hope to come close to the truth through the mists of 40 years..." He also discusses the estimate of Ultimate Recoverable Reserves (1500 Gb), enhanced oil recovery, the Athabasca Tar Sands of Alberta, and even mentions the fuel cell!

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