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Fracking Fracas: The Trouble with Optimistic Shale Gas Projections by the U.S. Department of Energy

The implications of the EIA being wrong on its projections of cheap and abundant gas for decades are considerable.

The Surprising Data Behind Shale Oil

Hooray, oil is suddenly much cheaper than it used to be. That's great news, right? Not so fast.

Challenging (Crude) Convention

Some suggest we are nearing a time of oil and economic security not seen in decades. If only that were true.

Drilling Deeper: A Reality Check On U.S. Government Forecasts For a Lasting Tight Oil & Shale Gas Boom

Drilling Deeper reviews the twelve shale plays that account for 82% of the tight oil production and 88% of the shale gas production in the U.S.

The EIA is seriously exaggerating shale gas production in its drilling productivity report

The EIA is the elephant in the room when it comes to energy statistics. Its data and forecasts are widely used by analysts and the media and influence energy policy. There is no room for the significant scale of errors and distortions reported herein.

Perfora, Chico, Perfora

En Perfora, Chico, Perfora, J. David Hughes ha analizado en profundidad e investigado rigurosamente la posibilidad de diversos combustibles no convencionales para generar abundancia energetica.

Drilling California: A Reality Check

New analysis shows that the Monterey shale is likely to greatly disappoint those who hold hope for a new golden age of oil in the Golden State.

The Energy Sustainability Dilemma : Powering the Future in a Finite World

Most of the easy energy is gone. Are we heading for a dead end?

Whither Shale Oil?: Interview with David Hughes

Production from shale oil plays has been impressive and has taken the national energy dialogue by storm.

"Drill Baby Drill" - popping the shale bubble

The real challenges—and costs—of 21st century fossil fuel production suggest that such vastly increased supplies will not be easily achieved or even possible. The geological and environmental realities of trying to fulfill these exuberant proclamations deserve a closer look.This report provides an in-depth evaluation of the various unconventional energy resources behind the recent …