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Mama Food

Writing books and essays about food, I hear a lot of stories about what people ate growing up.

Why I Won’t Do the Food Stamp Challenge

In the last few years, a number of political leaders have tried to live on a food stamps budget. A number of people have asked me to do it as well, and I’ve always refused.

What’s the Connection Between Foster Care and the Ecological Stuff?

The fact that we can’t make professional institutions that duplicate the functions of family suggest that there is something about families that cannot be marketed, sold, professionalized or made into cookie cutter product...

If Climate Change and Population Growth Are Going to Push Food Prices Up by 50%, What Happens When you Add in Peak Oil?

Nearly everyone is failing to take into account the role of geology, oil and energy limits in their predictions – and we’re racing towards disaster.

Food-But-No-Fuel, Fuel-But-No-Food

Interesting about the ways climate change will impact Saudi Arabia’s agriculture - already strained pretty much to the limit by inhospitable heat and drought

Is America's fertility decline a real problem?

Chances are you already have a strong opinion on this subject. There’s a great deal of noise, mostly but not wholly on the American right about the dangers of fertility decline. Jonathan Last’s book _What To Expect When No One is Expecting_ and Ross Douthat’s recent lament about American women’s TFR (total fertility rate – the reason men aren’t mentioned is …

In the end, sometimes giving things up *IS* the answer

About five years ago a colleague of mine, Dale Allen Pfeiffer wrote an essay I can no longer locate. At the time, Colony Collapse Disorder was just being diagnosed in bees, and one of the discussed potential causes of the problem was cell phones and cell phone towers. Pfeiffer didn’t, as I remember, take a stand on this question as a cause, but what he did do was interview people and …

Taking on the prison problem

I get invited to speak to a lot of US Transition groups, and often I go. Often the leaders are blog readers, sometimes people I know through the internet, often future-friends. While every talk is different, they have some real similarities. Whether speaking in a suburb of Maryland, a large city in Ohio or to a coalition of rural towns in Virginia, I know that some things will probably happen.

What enables people to survive great hardship?

I was recently re-reading Mary Pipher’s excellent book from a decade ago The Middle of Everywhere: Helping Refugees Enter the American Community. The book is in large part stories of refugees and a guide to helping them navigate their new world – encouraging members of the community to act as “cultural brokers” and guides to the newest and most vulnerable …

Why sex?

A lot of readers have emailed to ask why I’m writing a book about sex. Have I given up writing about energy and environmental issues? Have I dumped big issues for small ones - instead of writing about how we should live in this new world, offering suggestions for the best sustainable dildo? Am I selling out?