What is all this?
See our about page.

What is resilience?

See our about page.

Who are you?
Volunteers, semi-volunteers. The editors.

Resilience.org is a program of the Post Carbon Institute.

What are your politics?
Our politics range all over the spectrum. Among the contributors you’ll see Greens, traditional conservatives, socialists, libertarians, Decline To States. In general, we are not True Believers, and are skeptical of any program. We do have a bias towards local action and community.

See The Politics of Survival by Kurt Cobb.

The back of an envelope version of our program:
Energy decline is inevitable.
Big energy is not the way out.
Reduce consumption and population.
Start from where you are.
Produce locally.
Relish the power of symbolic seeds.
Honor public service.
Anyone is welcome. (non-sectarian, not promoting any political party)
Hope and reason. (no rants, not fear-based).

Are you survivalists?

I found some articles on resilience.org that contradict each other.

Yes, this is a complicated set of issues.

Do you really believe what such-and-such an article says?

Why does resilience.org focus on such a broad range of topics, like population, water and coal?
It’s all inter-connected. As the American environmentalist John Muir said, “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.”

For example, it takes energy to store and transport water. In turn, water is required for the generation of power (e.g. cooling water for nuclear power plants).

Is this a plot to destroy industrial civilization?
No. Most of us are very fond of at least some aspects of industrial civilization. We do believe that industrial civilization cannot continue as we know it. Exactly what will happen is the subject of hundreds of articles.

Do you want us to go back to Dark Ages?
No. Most admit that we want to pick and choose. There are some patterns in the past we’d like to return to.