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If collapse is imminent, how do we respond?
Whether or not we avoid the worst-case climate scenarios, the collapse of some aspects of modern human society may now be inevitable—and imminent. From unavoidable sea-level rise to the economic and social upheaval driven by the crossing of planetary boundaries and the energy transition, it’s clear there will be no smooth transformation to a bright-green new order. How can we grapple with—and talk about—the reality that our ecological, economic, and social systems are rapidly changing in some frightening ways beyond our control? What should we do in our families, our communities, our nation?

Each day featured a new, original essay from one of four invited contributors: investigative journalist Dahr Jamail, sociologist and community activist Meghan Kallman, poet Taylor Brorby, and renowned indigenous rights advocate Winona LaDuke. The first week featured their responses to the topic; the second week featured their reactions to—and inspirations sparked by—each other’s essays. On the final day, Post Carbon Institute’s Asher Miller wrote a reflection on the essays and the comments that our readers contributed.

Dahr Jamail Meghan Kallman Taylor Brorby Winona LaDuke

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