Take Action

When you understand the converging crises of the 21st century, it’s important to find constructive ways to respond. Although we can’t provide an exhaustive list of actions, we do have five suggestions that are especially applicable if you’ve taken the Think Resilience course and gained systemic knowledge of energy, the globalized economy, and their effects on human society and the environment. If you haven’t taken the course, please do that first, but then scroll down to explore options for building resilience in yourself, your household, and especially your community.

Ways to Take Action

Gather friends and neighbors and lead a Think Resilience discussion course. As a Think Resilience participant, you can register your own discussion course, which takes your group through the course in seven 90-minute sessions while providing summaries of each of the 22 lessons, questions to discuss in each session, and discussion facilitation guidelines. TAKE THIS ACTION.

Enroll in Pachamama’s Game Changer Intensive course to become a game-changing leader. For those committed to self improvement, PCI has partnered with Pachamama Alliance to create a pathway from Think Resilience to a unique online course that aims to fortify personal resilience and impart useful skills in wellbeing and transformative practices. TAKE THIS ACTION.

Conduct a resilience assessment to map vulnerabilities and opportunities in your community. Starting with an assessment is important not merely for informing an action plan; rather, it’s for identifying the most essential information needed for community resilience building. Let us introduce you to some examples of how to go about assessing an urban community. TAKE THIS ACTION.

Use Shareable’s “How to Share” Guides to make your home and community a friendlier, more resilient place. We have teamed up with Shareable to curate a series of “How to Share” articles, which align well with videos in the Think Resilience videos, and can help save money, reduce waste, and build community through sharing. TAKE THIS ACTION.