Live Event: How Do We Respond to Climate Destabilization?

Past Event: July 2, 2024 • 11:00am US Pacific Time
Climate destabilization

Responding to the rapidly unfolding climate crisis – especially in the context of a broader unraveling of environmental and social systems – requires courage, care, and grappling with difficult questions and choices. It also demands clarity about what we face, including the implications of already locked-in warming and probable pathways, and an openness to new opportunities for transformative change in how we live and relate with one another and the planet. 

This 75-minute event is headlined by Timothy Lenton, Chair in Climate Change and Earth System Science at the University of Exeter, and Isabel Cavelier Adarve, former climate negotiator and winner of the prestigious Climate Breakthrough Award, and facilitated by Rachel Donald (Planet Critical). Timothy and Isabel give an honest, science-based assessment of where we stand with the climate crisis (including an exploration of positive tipping points) and how we can take a care-based approach to navigating climate unraveling.  

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