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London Glades: Forest Garden Solutions For Urban Spaces

July 27, 2017

Sitting on top of the flowery mound with my bare feet in the chamomile I could be on a woodland hilltop, but beyond the medlar and hawthorn the bustle of Hampton Court Flower Show is just visible.

What Jon Davies and Andreas Christodoulou of Future Gardens have achieved with London Glades is a space which excites the senses whilst calming the soul. Designed for a client who wants to re-engage with nature in a beautiful and wild setting, this garden creates a quiet sanctuary in busy urban surroundings. Almost every plant is edible and most are perennial and low maintenance, relying on the surrounding ecosystem for support.

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Nic Wilson

Nic Wilson is a garden writer, blogger, garden designer and enthusiastic home grower (especially of more unusual fruit, vegetables and herbs). She enjoys volunteering in her local community garden and experimenting in the kitchen with crops from her garden, allotment and the hedgerows. Nic blogs at

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