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Prosper! is the Solution Space

In this interview creators of the phenomenally popular, Crash Course, Chris Martenson and Adam Taggart talk about their new book Prosper!

“We do a good job telling people what the issues are, Martenson says, but knowing that things are wonky without anything to do about it, well that’s actually worse then useless.”  Instead Chris and Adam connect the information that needs to change.  Chris goes on to say, “Prosper is the solution space that begins to address the question, what can we do??”

A concern for many people is finance. “Most of us spend our whole lives working hard to create a financial future for our families,” says Adam.  “Wealth isn’t just money, it’s not just the number of zeros in your bank account, it expands across other elements of your life and that is where we introduce the eight form of capital framework.”

Adam concludes the interview with an eye to the future..

“A big focus of ours this year is helping interpret what some of the most recent developments are and being at the ready for when the big breakages happen.”

This interview detailing the book Prosper are part of the Local Public Library Pilot Project that promotes reading and community engagement by providing a way for readers and book groups to explore the world from an author’s perspective. The project enhances and expands readers’ understanding of each book by allowing them to read the book and then listen to that book’s author describe the writing process on an accompanying DVD. This, in turn, gives readers deeper insight into the issues each book takes on, and promotes community discussion of these issues.

All of the books used for this project were purchased at local bookstores and donated to the library. The books and DVDs are cataloged together and available to patrons of all of the public libraries in the library consortium.

The local public access cable television station has agreed to put the author interviews on the air and into its programming schedule. Some of the project’s authors will also make their recorded interviews available for their web followers to view and send to other public access television stations throughout the area and the nation.

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