We are living at the dawn of a new epoch. Year by year, degree by degree, Earth is growing warmer… a legacy of the Industrial Revolution, population growth, and our addiction to technology, speed and power.

Just as other generations spoke of a Great Plague and a Great Depression, our children will be compelled to endure The Great Warming – and find a way to conquer its consequences.

Filmed in eight countries on four continents, endorsed by dozens of the world’s leading scientists, this three-hour television series is the most factually accurate, visually stunning and wide-ranging production ever mounted about this complex, fascinating subject.

From a press release:

US theatrical release of “The Great Warming “

a dramatic and enlightening 80 minute documentary narrated by Alanis Morissette and Keanu Reeves, revealing how climate change is affecting the lives of people everywhere, with stunning footage from around the world.

Produced by Stonehaven Productions, The Great Warming is not only about our global environment, it also looks at the influence of climate change on politics, religion, science, education, energy and economics. The film interweaves startling statements of fact from scientists, opinion-makers and social leaders with a blunt assessment of America’s leadership – or lack of it – in what is clearly the most critical environmental issue of the 21st century. It examines evidence that human activities are provoking an unprecedented era of atmospheric warming and climatic events: more drought, wildfires, flooding, polar melting, more powerful storms, more variable weather… and unprecedented health impacts.

The Great Warming also showcases exciting initiatives aimed at reversing the trend toward permanent damage to our planet, as well as scenes documenting the emerging voice of America’s Evangelical community urging action on climate change from pulpits across the country.


Premières and release in Spring 2006. Premières are planned for New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Portland, Connecticut and Colorado. See www.thegreatwarming.com for more information.


Just as other generations spoke of a Great Plague and a Great Depression, our children will be forced to endure The Great Warming – and left to find ways to conquer its consequences

Collaborators: The Great Warming is made possible by Swiss Re.

Stonehaven is also working with like-minded organizations which include (in alphabetical order):
· Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life
· Evangelical Environmental Network
· Friends of the Earth
· National Council of Churches
· New York Climate Rescue
· The Climate Trust
· Union of Concerned Scientists
· World Affairs Council of Connecticut