In Resilience Reflections we ask some of our contributors what it is that inspires their work, and what keeps them going.

John Thackara

Resilience Reflections with John Thackara

“What gets me up in the morning is the certain knowledge that someone, somewhere, is doing amazing and joyful work that is not yet recognised, but deserves to be celebrated and supported…”

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Resilience Reflections with Tara Lohan

“I’m driven by the belief that the stories we tell about people and places can help change the world…”

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Resilience Reflections with Rob Hopkins

“I see so much remarkable stuff happening in so many places, and meet so many focused, committed people, that I really believe that a new economy, a new culture, is possible, indeed it is already here….”

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Resilience Reflections with Eric Lindberg

“Beliefs matter. So do stories. My inspiration often comes from the written word, and I’ve long been interested in writers who revel in the complexity of beliefs, understand how adept humans are at self-deception, but nevertheless provide a useful roadmap…”

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Resilience Reflections with Brian Miller

“Anyone who farms experiences setbacks on a daily basis. That rate of failure and a willingness to try again seems teach a few practical lessons in being resilient….”

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Resilience Reflections with Joanne Poyourow

“In my work every day I’m trying to listen to Nature and intuit how to better fit into Her systems…”

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Resilience Reflections with Rahul Goswami

“[What keeps me going is ] the desire to put this accumulation of experience, however rude and mis-shapen it might be in parts, to good use, so that one less field becomes pavement, so that one less stream dries up, that one less meaningful cultural practice fades away in an urban slum, and so that one less barrel of oil is burned just because a way of life deems that burning as inevitable…”

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Resilience Reflections with Courtney White

“My greatest inspirations are William Shakespeare and Aldo Leopold. The key to moving hearts and minds no matter what your field of endeavor is good storytelling and no one did it better than ol’ Will…”

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Resilience Reflections with Claire Schosser

“When I was in grade school, my greatest inspirations were three women: Marie Curie, Helen Keller, and Anne Frank. All of them showed great resilience under very challenging circumstances…”

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Resilience Reflections with Robert Jensen

“My biggest setback was being born white, male, middle class, and a citizen of the United States…”

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Resilience Reflections with Brian Kaller

“If you look at the world’s situation right now and feel a measure of grief, it doesn’t mean you’re sick, it means you’re decent. That feeling is why our species deserves to be saved…”

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Resilience Reflections with Adrian Ayres Fisher

“What gives me hope is meeting and reading or hearing about all the people all over the world from so many cultures who are working in so many ways to help ecosystems recover…”

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Resilience Reflections with Sandra Postel

“Don’t forget to enjoy the world, even as you’re trying to change it for the better…”

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Resilience Reflections with Dan Allen

“I somewhat slowly learned that I was more the conductor than the builder of the farm; more the gentle nudger & potential inspiration for my family and community than the task-master…”

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