The Community Resilience Guides

More and more Americans acutely sense that the old way of doing things — investing their savings in Wall Street companies who care little about the well-being of our families and communities … depending on polluting, increasingly costly, and non-renewable sources of energy … eating food that makes us sick and is grown far away — is no longer working. Instead, we want to invest in own homes and our own neighborhoods. We want to be build more local self-reliance in the face of uncertainty. We want to be have a say in the future of our communities. But how? In partnership with Chelsea Green Publishing, Post Carbon Institute presents the Community Resilience Guides — a series of books exploring the newest and most promising examples of relocalization for uncertain times:

local-dollars-local-sense-249 Local Dollars, Local Sense, by Michael Shuman
Foreword by Peter Buffett. How can we shift trillions of dollars of regular Americans’ investments away from the Wall Street casino and into local economies? Published January 2012. BUY NOW
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pftp-cover-med Power From the People, by Greg Pahl
Foreword by Van Jones. How can we move away from centralized, highly polluting, wasteful and non-renewable sources of energy and empower local communities with their own energy sources? Published August 2012. BUY NOW
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rebuilding-the-food-shed-350 Rebuilding the Foodshed, by Philip Ackerman-Leist
How can individuals and local organizations and institutions build the food security of their communities? Published February 2013. BUY NOW

Community Resilience Chats

Watch webchats about the guides. These webinars are brought to you by Post Carbon Insititute, Transition US, and Chelsea Green.

COMMUNITY RESILIENCE CHAT #1: “Rebuilding the Foodshed” with Philip Ackerman-Leist and Asher Miller

COMMUNITY RESILIENCE CHAT #2: “Power from the People” with Lynn Benander of Co-op Power, Lyle Estill of Piedmont Biofuels, and Marissa Mommeaerts

COMMUNITY RESILIENCE CHAT #3: “Local Dollars, Local Sense” Jenny Kassan, co-founder of Cutting-Edge Capital, and Dan Rosenberg, founder of Real Pickles, and Marissa Mommeaerts