Will you post our press release?
You can submit press releases via the Contact form, but we don’t usually post them.

I want to write for resilience.org Do you have any suggestions?
Read articles by quality authors – you could begin with our featured authors. Set up your own blog to practice writing and seek feedback from friends. Try to choose specific topics as frames on which to base your writing rather than trying to cover very broad topics like ‘peak oil’ or ‘climate change’. These could be inspired by recent news items or events. It is often effective to include aspects from your own experience in your writing in order to add authenticity and help to engage the reader.

How can I help?
Read, pass on the word, donate money to keep resilience.org the great resource it is today. Submit articles or resources you think are appropriate. Write articles. Get involved in community resilience building where you are. Tell us what inspired you.

May I have permission to re-post articles that appear on resilience.org?
You would need to ask the author of the particular article.

Do you have guidelines for your Reader Comments?

You can find our guidelines for using comments here.

I found a glitch on your website.
Thanks, we depend on your feedback to seek out problems. Please send us specific information about the problem. For example, what is the URL? What specific symptoms did you see? Under what conditions did the problem occur?

Why don’t you …
Yes, please forward your ideas. It’s frustrating because we don’t have the resources to act on 1/10 of the good ideas we are given. But we do make progress over time. Again, be as specific as possible.