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ASPO-7 conference in Barcelona – presentations online

Almost all of the 23 presentations from the Oct 20-21 conference in Barcelona are now online.

More material is available at the conference website, including a 34-page Dossier (PDF).

Thanks to Daniel of ASPO-Spain.
(25 October 2008)

The Permanent Oil Crisis Conference in Amsterdam, January 21 & 22, 2009

Rembrandt, The Oil Drum: Europe
Worldwide concern is growing over high oil prices, the security of supply of fossil fuels and its impact on many sectors of our society. Such concerns voiced at the oildrum over the past years are becoming part of the mainstream energy discussion. On 21 & 22 January 2009 a major business conference will be held in the Netherlands in which I am involved as an advisor in my role as President of ASPO Netherlands.

I invite you to come and listen to top executives and leaders from many industrial sectors who will explore the effects of high oil prices in their field of expertise or industry. Day 1 is dealing with political and macro economic aspects of changing oil supplies. Day 2 is teaching more about specific economic sectors, like Transport & Infrastructure, Food & Agriculture, Energy Systems and Chemicals & Materials.

There will be many speakers including Maria van der Hoeven (Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs), Matthew Simmons (invited), Peter de Wit (President Shell Netherlands), Kjell Aleklett (ASPO International), Jeremy Tomkinson (CEO The National Non-Food Crops Centre), Jörg Schindler (ASPO Germany) and Ger Bemer (CEO Royal Nedalco). For Conference Agenda and Registration, go to the the Permanent Oil Crisis website.

Under the fold, find the highlights from the program. Come to Amsterdam!
(26 October 2008)

Post Carbon Institute Announces New Executive Director, Senior Fellows

Andrew Calvo, Post Carbon Institute
Post Carbon Institute is pleased to announce two exciting changes within the organization! After five years at the helm, Julian Darley and Celine Rich, founder and co-founder of Post Carbon Institute, have decided to shift their roles within the organization to devote their time and energies to research, writing, and outreach.

Celine has handed the Executive Director baton to Asher Miller—previously Director of Programs and Relocalization Network Manager—while Julian has formally stepped down from his position as President of Post Carbon Institute.

senior fellowsIn addition to their continued participation on the Board of Directors, Celine and Julian join Richard Heinberg as Post Carbon Senior Fellows, focused on writing more commentaries, articles, and books, as well as networking and presenting at events across the country.

… Asher Miller came to Post Carbon Institute with a wealth of non-profit management experience, most recently as founder of Climate Changers, an organization that inspires people to reduce their impact on the climate by focusing on simple and achievable actions that anyone can take.

… “I founded Global Public Media in 2001 and we incorporated Post Carbon Institute in 2003,” reflected Julian Darley, “and now it is vital that Celine and I devote more time to research, writing, and outreach. Although James Schlesinger said last year that the peakists had won and that in effect we were all Peak Oilists now, most people don’t yet know it! So in a sense, now is the time to intensify the mission of outreach and policy planning.”
(9 October 2008)
One thing this means is that Julian Darley is able to do more writing. I’ve noticed that postings on the the Post Carbon homepage have become much more frequent. -BA