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Global Peak Oil Gathering

Are we actually running out of oil (and gas) or not? And if so when?
Will the reserves collapse or will new finds take care of the future?
Will production keep up with demand? And if not, what then?

Global Peak Oil Gathering And Think-Tank

19,20,21 October 2004, Koblenz-Lahnstein, Germany.

Organised by:
Alexander's Gas and Oil Connections

This Gathering will be a process of awareness and realization, in which all, in a neutral, non-political way, will go through the facts and projections of our global energy-situation and what this might mean.

About the Gathering

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The discussion around the future global demand, supply and reserve-situation is intensifying.

Are we actually running out of oil (and gas) or not? And if so when?

Will the reserves collapse or will new finds take care of the future?

Will production keep up with demand? And if not, what then?

Many questions and even more answers.

Looking a bit deeper than the sensationalist views, it becomes clear that the basis of many ‘facts’ is often vague, and controversial. Vested interests are enormous, politics play a heavy role, and the thinking has become divided into ‘Alarmists’ and ‘Optimists’. But what is actually the truth of the matter? Can we reach a clear view of what the situation actually is? Can we lift ourselves out of the controversy and come to some clarity about the reality of our situation?

This Gathering will be a process of awareness and realization, in which all, in a neutral, non-political way, will go through the facts and projections of our global energy-situation and what this might mean. With special attention to details we will create an ecology in which the best of the individual and collective intelligence can come out.

The purpose of the Gathering and Think-Tank is to come to more clarity about the reality of the future of our energy-situation.

Our Aim is to gather clear and effective Intelligence and collectively come to a better perception of what the future of our global energy situation is and will be.

We will do this under the Premise of ‘No-one actually knows’

To allow everyone to come to new perceptions the rules are:
•Everyone can ask questions, or ask for clarification,
•We may challenge the substantiation
•But No-one is attacked.
•We will hear about the expected global demand, reserve and supply developments,
•look at expected environmental effects and resulting economic developments.
•We will take due time to discuss and speak our minds, about what this all says. And then we look at what role renewables and demand reduction can play in the future and what investments thus will be needed.

This will be of interest to:

Long-term viewing people, Consultants, Experts, Government Representatives, people interested in future energy-developments, long-term planners, (energy-)strategists, the energy-investment community, banks, (re-) insurance-companies, transportation-specialists, energy-companies and –institutions, etc.

In order to ensure the discussions are effective, we are limiting total participation to 250. We aim for attendance from as many countries as possible.

The process will start on Day 1 with an overview of the current situation and the challenges the energy-industry is facing at the moment, presented by Jean-Marie Bourdaire from the World Energy Council.

This will be followed by a look at the issue of depletion: what it is, where and why it occurs. Colin Campbell will guide us through this. After a break we will have a serious look at the expected future global demand, then at the state-of- affairs of the global reserves and then give an overview of the expected global supply situation. A nice dinner whilst touring on the Rhine, a ship load of networking opportunities and good conversation concludes the day. On Day 2 we look at the basics of what the influencing factors on the oil price are and to the effects the expected oil-price developments might have on different economies.

We will then add another ingredient, namely the Climate factor, and look at the effect the anticipated energy-developments are having and will have on the regional and global climate, what the expected climate developments for the coming 20 years will be, and what this might mean for regional and global economic and energy developments.

Then we have an early lunch, followed by a whole afternoon devoted to the gathering of intelligence. We will discuss the figures that have been presented and see whether we can reach a unified view about what the situation actually is and what that then implies. It will be a guided process, aiming to put the facts and figures together in such a way that we can achieve an overview of the reality of our situation.

Then, after a break, everyone will be invited to participate in an Acropolis-like Think-Tank in which we will look at the issue from a different perspective, allowing new perceptions and ways of thinking.

By then we have earned again a good meal, with conversation-enhancing live music, a relaxed atmosphere, and a surprise.

On Day 3 we will look at the role renewable energy can play in the energy mix, how this can change over the coming decades, and how energy-demand reduction can help to delay the moment oil and gas actually will be running out. Following on from this, we will have a look at the global anticipated investment needs in oil and gas, in renewable energy, and in energy-demand reduction for the coming years.

Then we will close, with a look into the future. This Gathering and Think-Tank will be different! It will take place in an atmosphere of openness and open-mindedness that will allow the best of the knowledge and intelligence present to come out.

It will encourage active participation and contribution in safe circumstances, with the aim of reaching a greater clarity and understanding about this very important issue of our globally-changing energy situation.


This may alter your thinking!!

We look forward to your participation. In order to ensure the discussions are as accessible as possible, we are limiting total participation to 250, on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Alexander Wöstmann

For full details go to:


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