Between March 2010 and September 2011, Catrina Pickering worked as Transition Network’s Diversity Co-ordinator. Her role was to look at how Transition initiatives were doing in terms of diversity and inclusion and to develop tools and resources to support them in becoming better at it. She ran workshops and trainings around the country, and has really helped to bring the issue to the fore. We felt that it was really important that the lessons she had learnt, and the insights that she shared with Transition initiatives in her workshops, weren’t lost, but were rather captured in an accessible format so that Transition initiatives could make use of them. This booklet draws together the key insights, which we hope, as the Transition movement continues to grow and deepen, will become a cornerstone of their activities. Our deepest thanks to Cat for so clearly and accessibility laying out not just the challenges, but also the tools and resources at our disposal.