Building a world of
resilient communities.
Kristin Sponsler, co-editor Kristin came to the environmental field after many years working in the desktop publishing and production side of corporate America. Along the way she picked up a B.A. degree in anthropology from the University of Colorado at Denver. The daughter of an Iowa farmer, she is passionate about building sustainable food and fiber production systems. After living most of her life in the American Midwest, she has recently moved to the UK.
Simone Osborn, co-editor
Simone has a background in managing different kinds of printed and web content from a career spent largely in the publishing and translation industries. A UK citizen with some Austrian heritage, she spent 6 years living and working in the US before returning home. Simone has worked in the nonprofit sector since 2007. She is active in Transition Bristol and wrote the Bristol peak oil report.
Bart Anderson, co-editor
Bart lives with his wife in a small condominium in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since retiring in 2002, he spends most of his time monitoring and writing about peak oil, climate change and sustainability. As energy issues have grown in prominence, he's had to cut back on his gardening and work in Master Gardeners, as well as the natural history and outdoor activities that he loves. In his previous lives, he was a technical writer for Hewlett-Packard (computer diagnostics and repair), a high school teacher, and a newspaper reporter/editor. He is active in Transition Palo Alto.
Adam Grubb (aka Adam Fenderson), Energy Bulletin co-founder
Adam was a web designer, programmer and activist when he co-founded Energy Bulletin, the precurser to, in 2004. He had trawled peak oil mailing lists for a couple of years beforehand, and was particularly inspired by Richard Heinberg's The Party's Over. He used his background in media activism to produce Energy Bulletin as a more approachable alternative to the existing peak oil websites. Adam now works towards food security and community resilience in Melbourne, Australia, as a coordinator and co-founder of the Permablitz network ( and a director of Very Edible Gardens PTY LTD (, a permaculture design and education company