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Capitalism, The State And War: Review

There are many parallels between the period of the two world wars and the current period, Alexander Nievas excellent account of this prior period provides any insights useful to the present.

Methane Hydrates, The Next Shale Gas?

Governments, expolration companies, and even the U.N. are striving for the next fossil fuel technological leap - accessing the huge gas reserves in methane hydrates. If they are successful, shale gas may pale in comparison.

Worrying Deceleration In The Growth Rate of Wind & Solar

Scale and complexity issues are becoming a significant impediment to maintaining wind and solar growth rates.     

The Panic Of '32?

When the realities of rapid climate change become undeniable to the general populous will the elites have any legitimacy left to be able to make the hard and painful choices necessary?

2016: Is The El Nino Showing Us Where The Edge Of The Climate Cliff Is?

The current El Nino event may be showing humanity where the edge of the climate positive feedback cliff is, we would be wise to act upon that warning.

British Petroleum 2016 Energy Outlook : Reasonable Base Case Assessment?

The B.P. 2016 Energy Outlook both shows the incredible scale and difficulty in replacing our carbon-dependent infrastructure while providing an optimistic assessment of fossil-fuel supplies, net enertgy and the acceptance of natural gas usage.

The Hog Cycle And Oil Prices

The oil industry shares many of the delayed supply responses of the hog (pig) industry, especially as more and more difficult to finance and develop fields have to be developed. 

Complexity, Short Term Volatility, The Exponential, And The Limits Of Human Cognition

The problem with complex systems, such as Climate Change, the Energy System, and Financial Systems, is that they tend not to move in straight lines.

China's One Child Policy: Overwhelmed By Increased Affluence

China's one child policy is an excellent example of how the main determinant of furure sustainability will be the limitation of increases in consumption per capital, rather than the limitation of absolute population.

Ownership & Business Models as Social & Ideological Battlefields

The creation of what we now call capitalism, with its deification of private property and, has been a conscious project spanning a number of centuries.