Building a world of
resilient communities.

Panarchy: Implications For Economic & Social Policy

Panarchy is a concept that recognizes the cycle of growth, collapse and renewal inherent in complex systems. What can this concept tell us about human society's cycles?

Continuing With The Insanity

A few stories from a single issue of the Financial Times show how little things have changed, and how few lessons have been learned, since the 2008 financial crisis.

Watching The World Go By: Iceland

When we think of Iceland, thoughts of sustainable fisheries and renewable energy come to mind. Is that really an accurate picture?

Energy & The Financial System Presentation

The financial system as an accelerator and multiplier of the economic and social impacts of energy depletion.

A Framework For Assessing Country-Level Resilience

With no meaningful actions on such things as climate change and peak resources in sight, a realistic assessment of country (and regional) level resilience is required.

IEA Oil Market Forecast: Optimistic Assumptions And An Economy Unable To Grow Out Of Its Problems

The International Energy Authority does does its best to paint a rosy picture of peak cheap oil. The reality is an economy which can no longer grow its way out of its problems. 

The Wealth Trap: The Rich and The Gilded Cage

The rich are trapped within a modern version of Plato's Cage, unable to see the reality of destruction around them.

Kamikaze Culture

Modern society celebrates the suicidal consumption and despoilment of the earth by the rich, which will also kill countless others outside their ranks. As a society, we must learn to despise such acts.

Endless Layers Of Delusion

The layers of delusion in which members of society have wrapped themselves, so as to not have to face up to the hard choices that face us, are seemingly endless.

Euro crisis or Argentina/Iceland/Malaysia: Which will be the model for future crises?

Will the future crises that climate change, peak resources and ecological destruction be just other useful crises for the powerful to make the rest pay?