Building a world of
resilient communities.

Property Insurance: One of the first to go

The nature of property insurance, with premiums reliant on projections of future claims and financial market performance, will pull forward the societal effects of climate change and energy constraints. 

The Creation of Society's Shared Hallucinations

Our social reality is a combined construct of what we directly observe, what others tell us directly, and the parallel realities created by the media.

The United Kingdom: Bad Circumstances and Bad Policy

The UK may very well be the first of the advanced economies to be taken down by energy supply constraints.

Keeping local communities alive

Globalization is a doomed venture in the face of more and more expensive energy costs, unfortunately before it falls apart it may destroy the local communities which will be the base of any alternative arrangements. 

Avoiding the Carbon Crash: reform the financial system now

The scale of emission reductions required to meaningfully impact Climate Change will result in economic stagnation or contraction. This will render much of the financial system non-viable, greatly exacerbating the economic problems.

Muddling Through and Unsung Heroes

Our future will involve a lot of just "muddling through" as our complex society starts to fall apart, and we must stay away from the "strong men" who will offer appealingly simple answers to complex problems.

The indigenous and modern relationship between people and animals

The treatment of animals, and nature in general, is very different between our modern societies and the remaining indigenous one. We moderns have a lot to learn from the indigenous peoples, and science is tending to agree with them.

The Schizophrenic Society

Lost in a make believe world while we destroy the real one.

Superficial Giving while Ignoring Real World Truths

Does charitable giving serve to give us an easy way out of having to ask why certain people and countries need our charity while others do not?

Giving our Children the Gift that Keeps on Giving

So perhaps what every parent, aunt and uncle should do during the holiday season is line up the photographs of their children and younger relatives and visualize what conversations they will be having with them two to three decades from now.