Building a world of
resilient communities.

Resilience Roundup - June 26

Earth is on brink of a sixth mass extinction, scientists say, and it’s humans’ fault, Dutch government ordered to cut carbon emissions in landmark ruling, Europe’s energy revolution marches on: one-third of power supply now renewable, The Men Who’re Stealing The Sun , Why wind and solar power are such a challenge for energy grids, North Dakota's oil production has …

Resilience Roundup - June 19

This Big Texas City Will Soon Be Powered Entirely By Wind And Sun, Radical Ecological Democracy: A Path Forward for India and Beyond, This Small Town Shows Why The Trans-Pacific Partnership Could Be A Disaster For American Workers, 'It’s going to be bad, whatever happens': Greece on edge as eurozone exit looms, TED Talk: How to Reimagine the Streets of the Future with Janette Sadik-Khan, …

Mud is Good, a Resilience Reflection from Joanne Poyourow

In my work every day I'm trying to listen to Nature and intuit how to better fit into Her systems.

Resilience Roundup - June 12

Here's what it would take for the US to run on 100% renewable energy, Fossil fuel divestment is rational, says former Shell chairman, ‘Big oil’ split over climate-change risk as Paris talks loom, What game are oil majors playing on climate change?, Wasted Energy, Norway Will Divest From Coal in Push Against Climate Change, Going for gas: the risky strategy of world’s largest …

Resilience Reflections with Rahul Goswami

What keeps me going is the desire to put this accumulation of experience, however rude and mis-shapen it might be in parts, to good use, so that one less field becomes pavement, so that one less stream dries up, that one less meaningful cultural practice fades away in an urban slum, and so that one less barrel of oil is burned just because a way of life deems that burning as inevitable.

Resilience Roundup - June 5

Fossil fuel divestment is rational, says former Shell chairman, No 'slowdown' in global surface temperatures after all, study finds,Climate Deal Badly Needs a Big Stick, Fracking not a 'widespread risk' to drinking water: U.S. EPA, After Water, Uganda: Oil brings quick cash, dashed hopes, It's Raining Nitrogen In A Colorado Park. Farmers Can Help Make It Stop...

Resilience Reflections with Courtney White

My greatest inspirations are William Shakespeare and Aldo Leopold. The key to moving hearts and minds no matter what your field of endeavor is good storytelling.

Resilience Roundup - May 29

Fossil industry faces a perfect political and technological storm...

Resilience Reflections with Claire Schosser

Resilience means having backup systems in place in case the primary systems we've come to depend on falter or disappear.

Resilience Roundup - May 22

 Shell’s Arctic voyage marks beginning of peak oil era...