Building a world of
resilient communities.

The Converging Environmental and Economic Crises: A pep talk for those paying attention by Nate Hagens

Suggestions on how society might better adapt, physically and psychologically, to what's ahead.

Humans and Earth: Transitioning from Teenagers to Adults as a Species

I have concluded that facts are necessary but insufficient to change peoples behavior...

Peak Oil and the socio-economic impact of depleting fossil fuel resources

Progressive Radio's Gary Null talks peak oil, climate change, economy, culture, policy and much more with Kurt Cobb and Nate Hagens.

Twenty (Important ) Concepts I Wasn't Taught in Business School - Part I

Around 30% of matriculating undergraduate college students today choose a business major, yet 'doing business' without knowledge of biology, ecology, and physics entirely misses first principles ~ my too long but also too short summary of the important things I wasn't taught in business school is below.

Campfire: Towards Homo Sapiens - A Movie Script

How is human society organized in 2100? Some Campfire questions: What is the population and energy throughput per capita relative to today? What is the energy mix? How do we interact with each other and other species? 

Navigating through a room full of elephants

Nate Hagens speaks at the ASPO 2012 International Conference. Nate overviews the fundamental flaws in current economic thinking - the elephants in the room.

What's eating the economy? - web chat

3 years on from the worst economic crisis since the great depression and things are looking...well worse really. What is going on, and what actions should we be taking? Read our web chat with Nate and Richard.

Facing the new reality

The Community Action Partnership presents here an unprecedented and extraordinary report: "Facing the New Reality: Preparing Poor America for Harder Times Ahead." This report is based on the equally extraordinary premise that much of what passes for reality in "the popular narrative" is not based on reality but instead on a collective denial of a genuine reality too difficult for most …

Energy and water – the real blue-chips

Todays prices and costs provide a very bad basis for making investment decisions because they reflect temporary relative market scarcities rather than long-run underlying physical ones. The world needs to abandon money as its measure for determining energy and economic policy if it is to invest its scarcest, most limiting resources in the best possible way.

Low Carbon and Economic Growth: Are both compatible in developing economies?

At the intersection of global energy depletion and concerns about human impact on the environment lie some serious and oft overlooked issues. Largely gone from our public discourse is the idea that oil is infinite. It is now accepted, even to previous staunch cornucopians, that increasing, or even maintaining oil production will come only at higher costs. The new response to the …