Building a world of
resilient communities.

Lived Crisis vs. Systemic Crisis: Notes on a "New Narrative"

A new narrative will need to be prickly enough to resist easy incorporation, yet warm and fuzzy enough to draw people in; difficult and rigorous in its concepts to make it relatively slogan-proof, yet accessible enough to engage a distracted people.

America's Story

Politics in the United States subsists on a single myth whose narrative is central to all positions, even most of the ones located at the fringe. 

Remembrance of Things Yet to Come: An Anti-Modernist Response to Ted Trainer

That being said, I find the alternative vision for the future that Trainer suggests improbable as well, though I should also add that it is only presented briefly in the article in question. 

Ecotheology, Limits, and Freedom

Pope Francis’s critique of the technocratic paradigm in his Encyclical Letter, On Care for our Common Home, might also be thought of as a critique of a morality of limitlessness, with the goal of articulating morally binding limits for human conduct.

Pope Francis's Ecological Vision: A Sojourner's Guide to the Closed World

As remarkable a document as his Encyclical Letter is, even more significant is the reception of the Pope’s ecological manifesto by liberals and progressives around the world.

To Paris and Beyond: Climate and Freedom

Can an International Agreement meant to limit something, in this case greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), be written in the language of freedom?

A Geo-Physis of Freedom

There is in the popular imagination, an indelible connection between freedom and space--one which reveals an intuitive understanding of the actual requirements of freedom.  

The Closed World and the Infinite Universe: The Metaphysics of Freedom

For the sun has long since set and the Owl of Minerva has not yet taken flight.  It may be time to admit that we cannot simply choose to live the way we want to.  

Selective Anti-Modernism and the Shape of Society

What happens to our broader attitudes of tolerance if we begin to identify primarily with local communities?  How do we imagine a culture of both freedom and restraint?

Sending Them a Message

If we want to “send a message to those who hate us,” here’s a new one: Come to our homes, share our food, allow us to wash your feet after your long journey.