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Why I'm Not Devastated

So what if, to the extent we live in a place where we can, we turn disappointment and bitterness into deep, perhaps sad, reflection? 

Earth Church Is Not Cool

This frees us from the need to answers to the question “how should we live?”, at least in any grand manner.

Thoreau's Luxuries: An Interlude

Lately I’ve been turning to Thoreau--the patron saint of radical simplicity, he of shedding false conveniences and burdensome accumulation in the favor of a life lived amongst the trees. 

Earth Church

On a hot day in late June, about ten of us, and some of our children, gathered at the water’s edge of Lake Michigan.

On Surplus, Part 3: How Surplus (Wealth) is Created

The foundational industrial and productive, surplus-creating, part of the economy still exists—only now it is mainly out of sight.

On Surplus, Part II: What is Wealth?

We are at the point, now, where we can replace the usual definition of wealth as having lots of money, with a definition based on surplus.

On Surplus, Part 1

These images represent not only what I lived as a child, they were additionally pounded into the crevices of my being by years simply of living in America, the land of high expectations... 

Lived Crisis vs. Systemic Crisis: Notes on a "New Narrative"

A new narrative will need to be prickly enough to resist easy incorporation, yet warm and fuzzy enough to draw people in; difficult and rigorous in its concepts to make it relatively slogan-proof, yet accessible enough to engage a distracted people.

America's Story

Politics in the United States subsists on a single myth whose narrative is central to all positions, even most of the ones located at the fringe. 

Remembrance of Things Yet to Come: An Anti-Modernist Response to Ted Trainer

That being said, I find the alternative vision for the future that Trainer suggests improbable as well, though I should also add that it is only presented briefly in the article in question.