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Lessons from a Young Food Forest: Taking Stock of My 12-year Permaculture Adventure

How many humans does it take to re-invent agriculture?  Just one…you!  Or me!  So that’s what I’m trying to do.  Here are some of the things I’ve learned over the past 12 years.

Resilience Reflections with Dan Allen

I somewhat slowly learned that I was more the conductor than the builder of the farm; more the gentle nudger & potential inspiration for my family and community than the task-master.

Come on Home!: Ecological Agriculture and Sixteen Wonderful Farms that Point the Way

This essay uses over a dozen working farms across the country (& a few other countries) to illustrate some of the key principles of the ecologically-based agriculture that will be required in the transition ahead.  …The next steps are up to you, kid.

Growing Fruit in a Nuthouse: Designing Our Orchards for Economic Collapse and Climate-Destabilization

Moving forward, agriculture as we have known it will no longer be a given.  We will need to lean heavily on perennial crops such as fruit and nut trees.  But how can we increase the chances of getting a living baseline yield from these orchards?  

The man who ate himself: An agricultural fable

The beetle sighed. "This is all something you once knew, I think. It is something all beings have known from the beginning of time...It is a pity, this forgetting of yours."

Divine ultimatum: God's 12 new commandments on human relationships!

...And you'll know they're the right prayers when it doesn't feel like praying is a separate thing from living.  …When you don't feel those disconnects anymore between what you pray and what you do; between the land, your community, your family, and yourself. 

When Agriculture Stops Working: Ten Recommendations for Growing Food in the Anthropocene

Now, despite my best efforts to look into the crystal ball here, I fully expect there will be a lot about the future of human food acquisition that will surprise me…and perhaps even in a good way! But in light of all the known troubles bearing down on us, I think it’s just plain suicidal to muddle on as-per-usual and hope it’ll all be OK.

When agriculture stops working: A guide to growing food in the age of climate destabilization and civilization collapse

As the toxic trappings of industrial civilization crumble around us, agriculture is set to regain its place at the forefront of our daily American lives.  …And won’t we be surprised to find out that it barely works anymore!  So perhaps it’s time we re-think our modern food-acquisition strategies in the face of the massive changes bearing down on us.  …

Extirpation Nation: How much of the US will be habitable in 50 years?

If the end is indeed near – say, within the next 50 years -- it will quite likely come in the form of extreme drought and/or nuclear contamination.  A couple key maps help us flesh out these possibilities.  …So is there something we can do about this?

Collapsing Into Gaia: What to expect when you’re expecting collapse

We are in the early stages of a great unraveling, an epic collapse of the largest human civilization this planet will ever know.  How are we to make sense of it?  Maybe this little diagram can help.