Building a world of
resilient communities.

The Trouble with Permaculture

I’m not surprised that Permaculture hasn’t caught on with mainstream food growers.

Somebody somewhere should do something about this sometime

This is very much what “doing Transition” means to me: it’s creating vibrant, positive change by the community for that community.

Down the garden path

Under cover growing is definitely the way to go.

The great unskilling

In a society where people tend to be defined by what work they do, the question: “So what do you do?” is one that I find difficult to answer. I’m a classic Jack of all trades, master at none, and naming all the skills that I’ve collected over more than four decades would require some time. I’m not saying this to brag, but more to illustrate that I’m simply …

What is this Resilience, anyway?

Change doesn’t come easy to us humans. We like to know what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next year. Sudden change can be severely upsetting; a death, unemployment or illness has the ability to turn our lives upside down for weeks, months or even change it completely. Most of these unexpected and unplanned changes are therefore unwelcome and a lot of people would find it …

A patchwork blanket

Long gone are the days when the job you’d grow up to do would more or less be determined by the jobs your parents did. But going now is the concept of the “job for life”; something you’d study for in youth and then spend your life improving your skills at, earning more and more pay until you’d retire with a generous final salary pension.

Forest livelihoods

Today we see the woods as somewhere we go to walk the dog, where we have picnics and cycle rides. They have mostly become places of leisure where we take the kids to teach them about nature, gather some conkers and acorns and let them run wild for an hour or so.

Bringing the harvest in

Where was the sun? It's not been a great year for us gardeners. It never really became summer here in Wales. It felt like we were stuck in spring and a cold one at that...The big corporations are having a great time though, at Glencore they reckon that the worst drought to hit the US since the 1930's “will be good for business”, as they can profit from rising prices...I could go on, but it …

Sharing a skilled future

How appropriate then that we kick off this new way of working by taking a closer look at the concept of skillshare. It is the idea that you can learn anything from anybody, anywhere. No need for teachers or schools, just the willingness to share what you know and can do, with others, who will likewise share their skills with you. The most useful things I know were learned this way; my mum …