Building a world of
resilient communities.

A Roof, a Skill, a Market: The Multiple Dimensions of Scale

The Nubian Vault Association has evolved a quite different approach: the long-term, muti-dimensional cultivation of living local economies based on three kinds of value: a roof, a skill, and a market.

Biennials and System Change

Why do so many expos, festivals and biennials promise to change the world for the better – only to end up as trash?

Rethinking the Modular

Flow Hive is just one example, among myriad human inventions, of a design approach that impedes inter-connectedness between the elements, and the whole, in healthy living systems.

"No Single Project is the Magic Acorn..."

We need to think more like a forest than a single tree!

Why Messy Cities are More Modern

Cities are often conceived in a rational way but usually take on a non-rational life of their own – and thank goodness for that.

No Organism is Truly Autonomous – Including Us

Many people say we need to focus on solutions that scale, but to me that’s globalisation-thinking wearing a green coat.

Recoded City

Recoded City is filled with inspiring confirmation that, when it comes to shelter and placemaking in an age of limits, a city’s primary resource is the energy and motivation of its inhabitants.

John Thackara on How To Thrive In The Next Economy

In this interview for Shareable John discusses ideas from his latest book How To Thrive In The Next Economy, which celebrates the power of small actions to transform the bigger picture.

Are Positive Stories Enough?

In a world filled with melting ice caps, war, species extinctions, and economic peril, how can I possibly argue that the small-scale actions I write about can transform the bigger picture for the better?

Resilience Reflections with John Thackara

It’s taken me a long time to learn respect for the ways millions of people help each other to feed and shelter their families in resourceful ways.