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Living with Climate Change: Joanne Poyourow in Los Angeles

No water. That pretty much sums up living with climate change around here, in Los Angeles.

Collapse? Maybe not.

In a previous post I argued that economic contraction is necessary and in fact underway. Is this "Collapse" -- that scary term that so many authors love to throw around?

Economic Descent, hopefully with Skillful Means

In case I don't use sufficiently 'skillful means,' please let me begin with stating: I am not advocating for intentionally creating an economic crash.

Powerdown: Let's talk about it

Climate change is advancing at an incredible speed. We know we should do something, but we lack the political will to do what it takes to hold it to 2°C.

Revolt and Change Our Lives

The part that keeps itching at me, days after I read [Naomi] Klein's article, is the presumption that "mass uprisings" are the only way out of this mess.

Fear and action

Fear. It's that chill that creeps up your spine. That awful, churning hot knot, deep in the pit of your stomach. The tremble that makes your hands feel powerless. The freeze-up, that tempts you to inaction.

The Seed Underground

A delightful and thoroughly enjoyable read: in my many years of reading environmental books there aren't many I could say that about. I found The Seed Undergound on a table at the home of a member of Transition Mar Vista/Venice, at an open house (open garden) as part of last month's 100+ home Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase.

What everybody ought to know about energy

The word "breathtaking" has become cliche when put with "photographs" but here it really applies. You will gasp aloud as you turn each page. (even my teens did) And then you'll want to show the pictures to more people, because you can't keep this kind of stuff to yourself. Coal strip mines. Spawling oil fields. Landscape wracked by palm oil plantations. The debris of …

Slow Democracy

What we have now is the McDonald's of democracy.

A right-brained business plan??

So you’ve made the big jump. You’ve left the conventional business world behind and you’re starting a business of the new future. Maybe you just launched your town’s first rickshaw taxi. Maybe you sell vegetable seedlings at farmers market or you’re pioneering urban goat cheese production. Perhaps it’s a social enterprise or a nonprofit. At any rate, you’re still going to need a few of the …