Local Governments and the Sharing Economy: report

November 13, 2015

Local governments are faced with a tsunami of Sharing Economy activities. This roadmap helps local governments across North America strategically engage to foster more sustainable cities. It’s also useful to audiences including city staff, local politicians, sustainability practitioners and Sharing Economy innovators, Sharing Economy critics and supporters.

In cities across North America, people are sharing tools and equipment, welcoming guests into spare rooms, eating food from people’s home kitchens, and paying for rides in cars of people they don’t know. Businesses are hosting others in their office space, industries are sharing transport of goods along their supply chains, and municipalities are offering public land for shared food production.

Many cities have adopted a piecemeal and reactive approachThe next few years are critical for determining how cities respond.

The roadmap offers four main tools to help local governments address challenges and get ahead of the curve and harness the Sharing Economy to advance sustainability.

Tags: local government, resilient cities, Sharing City, sharing economy

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