Can we rethink how to shelter the world‘s refugees safely and sustainably? A short documentary through the eyes of a refugee family living on a Green Refugee Camp in Menawoa Camp Cameroon.

It Will Be Green Again documents an iconic reforestation project in Minawao Refugee Camp, Cameroon. We follow the Okoro family, who take us on a journey through the camp where sustainable solutions are helping them in their daily life and creating hope for the future.

Since 2017, UNHCR and Land Life company, supported by the Nationale Postcode Lottery, have been building a Green Refugee Camp in northern Cameroon. Together with refugee and local communities, we are reforesting severely degraded lands in and around the camp with 40,000 trees, providing jobs, shade, health and food. Other elements of the project include building sustainable, locally-sourced shelters and providing eco-friendly cooking alternatives to prevent further illegal logging.

This unique project brings to life a new model on how to reduce the environmental footprint of humanitarian efforts, cuts costs and most importantly, improve the health and well-being of both the refugee and host communities.