Eating Tomorrow cover

Eating Tomorrow

By Timothy A. Wise, The New Press

Agribusiness, Family Farmers, and the Battle for the Future of Food Foreword by Raj Patel A major new book that shows the world already has the tools to feed itself, without expanding industrial agriculture or adopting genetically modified seeds, from the Small Planet Institute expert “There is no we who feed the world. The world is mainly fed by hundreds of millions of small-scale farmers who grow 70 percent of developing countries’s food.” —from Eating Tomorrow Few challenges are more daunting than feeding a global population projected to reach 9.7 billion in 2050—at a time when climate change is making it increasingly difficult to successfully grow crops. In response, corporate and philanthropic leaders have called for major investments in industrial agriculture, including genetically modified seed technologies. Reporting from Africa, Mexico, India, and the United States, Timothy A. Wise’s Eating Tomorrow discovers how in country after country agribusiness and its well-heeled philanthropic promoters have hijacked food policies to...

The Agroforestry Handbook

By Ben Raskin, The Soil Association

Authors: Paul Burgess, Prof. Steven Newman, Tim Pagella, Jo Smith, Sally Westaway, Lindsay Whistance, Stephen Briggs, Ian Knight, Clive Thomas Written for farmers and advisors in the UK this book will help you assess the potential business benefits of agroforestry for your farm or client and to understand the possible benefits to the wider environment. The authors are leading researchers and practitioners with decades of experience in agroforestry from the UK and around the world. What is agroforestry? In simple terms, agroforestry means farming with trees. There are three main types of agroforestry, these are known as: - Silvopastoral agroforestry: the combination of trees and livestock. - Silvoarable agroforestry: the combination of trees and crops. - The use of hedgerows, shelterbelts and riparian buffer strips. This handbook is your essential guide to agroforestry and how to implement it on your farm. The book includes: - What is agroforestry? - Types...