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Fukushima's Future

Today, communities in the region are struggling to reinvent their lives, but what will their future look like in a context that is permanently changed?

Measuring Fukushima's Impact: How Geeks and Hackers Got Geiger Counters to the Masses

Hundreds of ordinary people are contributing to a crowd-sourced effort to collect data on radiation levels for scientists and ordinary citizens to use and interpret.

Climate Change and Fukushima – Radio Ecoshock Paints the Big Picture     

Two ongoing environmental events are affecting all life on the planet, even if it’s not yet noticeable where you live. Alex Smith of Radio Ecoshock is watching climate change and Fukushima very closely.

Fukushima’s legacy is just beginning

The highly radioactive water leaking from the wrecked Fukushima plant is part of a problem that Japan will take decades to resolve and which will blight many thousands of lives.

Peak oil notes - Aug 22

A midweek update. New York futures have fallen this week largely on expectations the Federal Reserve will taper off quantitative easing in the near future.

The legacy of Fukushima: Two years on

It has been nearly two years since the world watched in horror as the Fukushima Daiichi reactor buildings exploded, one by one. Although the death and destruction that were caused by the tsunami were far worse, the nuclear crisis provided a harrowing global spectacle, with heroes like the 50 or …

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