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My Agricultural Grandparents

It is not uncommon for farmers to talk about the influence their grandparents had on their farming education and their eventual success in agriculture. I am no different.

Farm Success Brings Farm Failure

After years of belittling organic farming, some chemical farmers are exploring the possibilities of getting into it.

Back to Organic Farming

Emma Ben-Haouala Bernegger has established her own brand of organic products in Tunisia, reviving traditional methods.

Organic Farming News Almost Too Good

I attended the annual conference of the Ohio Ecological Food And Farm Association recently and as usual it really lifted my spirits

Organic Produce from the Former Township

In an affluent neighborhood of Windhoek, two young men from the former township are selling organic produce. John and Immanuel Negongo are revolutionizing Namibian agriculture.

Nepali Farmers Get Renewable Supply of ‘Green’ Fertilizer

For centuries, Nepalese farmers have been mixing the dung and urine of their buffaloes, cows and goats with vegetable compost to make solid manure.

Buying organic isn’t just about local veggies

Pedaling our bicycles and gear across the American West at a steady 12 miles an hour, my friend Neil and I have begun to fathom just how much land our society dedicates to growing food, particularly grains.

Joel Salatin: The Pursuit Of Food Freedom

We need to celebrate and energize the public to defend the freedom to acquire the food of our choice from the source of our choice.

Abbey Home Farm: The ethos of sustainability

There are many inspiring examples of how to do things better but few match up to Abbey Home Farm, located outside Cirencester in the Cotswolds.

What Truly Is Progress In Farming

But if big farms become obsolete, the world would end according to current economic theory. Is that true?

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