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Back-To-The-Future Agriculture: 'Farming Like the Earth Matters'

It is easy to forget that once upon a time all agriculture was organic, grassfed, and regenerative.

Strengthen Community Forest Rights to Fight Climate Change

Expanding and strengthening the community forest rights of indigenous groups and rural residents can make a major contribution to sequestering carbon and reducing CO2 emissions from deforestation, according to a new report.

Noelle Gaberman — A life of alpaca artistry

On the edge of the Laguna Watershed in Sonoma County, at the end of a narrow gravel road, lies a small homestead developed by two families with a commitment to producing food and fiber in an atmosphere that weaves together aestheticism, function and fun.

Finding Hope in an Era of Climate Chaos

So, can a book about soil and carbon give us … hope? In this Q&A, Courtney White, author of Grass, Soil, Hope: A Journey Through Carbon Country, talks about the hope he found as he researched a wide variety of simple strategies that anyone can undertake to help create a more …

Grass, Soil, Hope

“Grass, Soil, Hope is at the same time a challenging book, in that it asks us to reconsider our pessimism about the human engagement with the rest of nature.

Herding Wisdom

Here’s a new twist on an ancient practice: skilled shepherds as ecological doctors!

Edible Ecosystems

Here are condensed versions of two profiles in my upcoming book Grass, Soil, Hope that feature the regenerative practices at the nexus between food and nature.

An Anguished Question

Novelist Wallace Stegner once said that all books should try to answer an “anguished question.” I believe the same is true for ideas, movements and emergency efforts. In the case of climate change, one anguished question is this: what can we do right now to help reduce atmospheric …

Can America’s Grasslands Be Saved?

As climate change projections become more dire, cutting carbon emissions becomes ever more crucial. While more efficient buildings and vehicles, rapid deployment of clean energy, and reduced dependence on fossil fuels are common solutions, an important piece of the carbon sequestration puzzle …

Grass, soil, hope

Grass, Soil, Hope tackles an increasingly anguished question: what can we do about the seemingly intractable challenges confronting us today, including climate change, global hunger, water scarcity, environmental stress, and economic instability?

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