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In Conversation: Food After Fossil Fuels

While its slice of the overall energy pie may seem relatively low, the modern American food system is figuratively awash in fossil fuels.

How to Reclaim Nitrogen Back as a Life-giving Nutrient

Nitrogen is absolutely crucial to life — an indispensable ingredient of DNA, proteins and essentially all living tissue — yet it also can choke the life out of aquatic ecosystems, destroy trees and sicken people when it shows up in excess at the wrong place, at the wrong time, in the …

Back in Time: Retracing the Path to Diversity

How are some plant breeders, farmers, millers and bakers retracing the path to ancient, diverse grains that will see us eating healthier, tastier bread into the future?

Slow Money: Food  

Extraenvironmentalist #85 focuses on the topic of GMOs in the second of our three part series from the 2014 Slow Money Gathering.

I've Been Pollan-ated

Several groups teamed up to bring Michael Pollan to the University of Vermont for a question and answer session and book signing this past Thursday evening, and I was lucky enough to attend the event. 

The Energetic Evolution of the US Food System

Before 1900 the US food system likely delivered more calories of food than it required as energy inputs in the form of fuel and labor. Only as our food system industrialized did today’s energy deficit emerge.

It's the Sugar, Stupid: A Review of the Documentary 'Fed Up'

The messages we hear in advertisements have a huge impact on our food choices. This reality is the starting point of the documentary Fed Up, produced by Katie Couric and Laurie David and directed by Stephanie Soechtig.

Treating Food as an Investment

We need to rethink our calculus on food spending. Rather than looking at food as an expenditure with no long term implications, we instead need to view our food spending as an investment.

Agriculture in a Changing World   

"Agriculture is the oldest environmental problem," the Land Institute's Wes Jackson tells us early in this 27-minute video.

Why Grassfed Is Best

“Eat less red meat” is the most frequent response I hear at conferences when a distraught member of the audience asks a presenter “What’s the one thing I can do for the planet?” What the presenter should have said is “Eat less feedlot meat.” A lot less, …

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