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He's Told us Not to Blow it

Hopefully you’ve seen the recent movie, The Martian, a film directed by Ridley Scott and adapted from the online book by Andy Weir

More cow love, carbs, carbon, and culture

What services do wild and domesticated ruminants give to the land? How can we improve the quality of the land while also returning our relationship with cows from an industrial model to an agroecological one?

The flap about space travel

(Spoiler alert!) Why is the movie Gravity so scary to some people...?

Emergy as a Metric of Sustainability

Under what conditions will a technology be able to survive the energy contraction associated with the depletion of fossil fuels?

Emergy: you spelled energy wrong!

EMergy–yes, that word is spelled correctly. Emergy with an EM, means the Energy Memory of something. What is Emergy, and how do I learn more about it? I have been getting requests for suggested readings about EMergy–so here is a brief explanation and some suggested links.