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Does Ecoliteracy Prevent Environmental Action?: State of the World 2014

Why environmental education isn't enough to create change and improve governance.

Governance in the Long Emergency

It is time to talk about important things. Why have we come so close to the brink of extinction so carelessly and casually?

Beyond Zombie-Environmentalism: The Great Lakes Commons

It’s been said that the fate of any great movement is to be cannibalized by the mainstream or to die. I’d like to suggest two others paths: zombiehood and courageous re-invention.

So Much Magic  

In Extraenvironmentalist #56 we speak with James Howard Kunstler about his recent book, Too Much Magic: Wishful Thinking, Technology and the Fate of the Nation. Jim talks about how the magnitude of corruption in our financial system revealed since 2008 has been even greater than he could have …

Political transformation in the age of energy scarcity

The technical-corporate-financial elite which controls our energy supplies has no clue about how to manage those supplies in the unfolding age of energy scarcity. That portends considerable political upheaval as the public becomes more engaged in shaping our energy future.

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