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Chasing Ice (documentary film review)

If compelling scientific evidence isn't sufficient to change the minds of people in the most powerful and second highest CO2-emitting nation in the world, wonder these experts, then what is? Nature photographer James Balog may have found one answer.

Forever Groundhog Day for climate? A tale of ice, smokescreens and rebellion

Just a few days ago, the National Snow and Ice Data Center, based at the University of Colorado in Boulder, announced that 'Greenland's surface melting in 2012 was intense, far in excess of any earlier year in the satellite record since 1979.' Our future is melting before our very …

Film review: ‘Chasing Ice’

I hadn’t heard of James Balog, whose work is the subject of ‘Chasing Ice’, until I saw him give a presentation at TED Global in Oxford in 2008. It was in a session after supper, along with Nigeran novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, an evening optional extra for anyone who …

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