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Newspapers, running on empty

There isn’t much news in most community newspapers these days. 

Unveiling the 2014 Transition Christmas TV Advert

I have sometimes been asked "if you had a prime time TV advertising slot to promote Transition, what would you put on it?"

Adam Corner on the "adverts that want to be your friend"

We're all far too sensible to be influenced by advertising, right?

Consumerism and Happiness - headlines

•The Gift of Death •The more we hate it, the more it agrees with us. How advertising turned anti-consumerism into a secret weapon •Should We Prioritize Measuring Happiness?

The Crisis of Representation and Autonomy of Self

The thirst for real democracy is a thirst to be free. It is the spirit that drives us to find our true aspirations within.

Information, preferences, knowledge and belief

For billions of people nature and the eco-system have become “out of sight and out of mind”.

How Will We Reclaim and Shape the Ambient Commons?

Nowadays media feeds are everywhere -- on building facades, billboards, hotel lobbies, restaurants, elevators and even gas pumps.

'Mad Men', energy and the culture of want

The name of the popular American television series "Mad Men"comes from the nickname given to those who worked in New York City's advertising agencies in the 1950s. The nickname came from the advertising profession itself whose members felt that one had to be a little mad to work on …

Bittman, Beyoncé and Cool Memes

Mark Bittman, Food columnist for the New York Times and bon vivant travel franchise for public television, has made more than a few enemies for criticizing the choices celebrities make in their food and beverage endorsements. Said Bittman, “[Beyoncé] Knowles is renting her …

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