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Richard Heinberg: Puerto Rico in a world in transition   

Richard Heinberg presenting at Universidad Metropolitana (UMET) Puerto Rico.

Richard Heinberg Navigating the New Economic Reality Part 1   

In this keynote presentation Richard surveys three over-arching global trends that provide the context for smart local economic development and planning.


In this epic length episode #55 of The Extraenvironmentalist we cover the Montreal Degrowth Conference from May 2013. We hear from a number of degrowth academics and activists about the ideas in the movement.

Why Is the Economy Shrinking? - Richard Heinberg  

Endless growth is a delusion with consequences...The spiral of climate change, peak energy, and economic crisis, with author Richard Heinberg. Fresh interview on giant new book "Energy: Overdevelopment and the Delusion of Endless Growth". Followed by speech to Chicago Bioneers …

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