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Where Do the Transition Environmental Movement and The Social Justice Movement Intersect?

Resource depletion and climate change effects various demographic groups in vastly different ways.

What Does the Power to Convene Look Like in Stroud?

What does the Power to Convene look like in the work of Transition Stroud?

How 'The Power to Convene' can transform Transition

It was in a small sideroom at the Resilience Hub in Portland, Maine, that I first heard the term ‘The Power to Convene’. It fascinated me, and finally gave me a name for this thing I’d been seeing for years.

Responding to the Prison Industrial Complex with Permaculture and Resilience

People are also the environment, we are our own ecological system integrated into the larger systems.

Putting Jam in the Doughnut

The beauty of the Transition movement is that it is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Inner Transition: Commit to Staying Awake

FULL engagement with transitioning asks us to recognize the power of goodness in others, our neighbors and most difficultly, to accept it in ourselves!

Schools of Thought on Degrowth

The economy of the future is described by different groups with different words in different languages and they do not always exactly translate into an identical idea.

Reflections on the People's Climate March in London

It’s always quite an experience to stand in solidarity with so many people who care deeply about an issue.

Call to Action: Reclaim the Climate Movement (Australia)

...I won’t be marching this weekend. I’ll be taking action instead.

There's a lot more to Transition than community gardens

There is little mindfulness about how the way in which we communicate our message comes across to people beyond the bubble.

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