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How to Build Trust in Transition

Trust makes Transitioning “stick.” Trust in people, trust in a nonhierarchical process, trust that we can joyously cope with uncertainty and the unknown, is the “stuff” of Transitioning to resilience.

"Without Celebration, We Wither Away"

I see celebration as one of those things that nourishes us psychologically, emotionally, spiritually. I was thinking about this also in terms of how important celebration is in keeping us going.

An inspiring taste of Transition in Germany

A roundup from Rob about what Transition in Germany is up to these days...

Transition & the New Economy: Reflections from CommonBound

At the New Economy Coalition “CommonBound” Conference in Boston earlier this month, more than 600 people came together to explore how to reform and rebuild our flawed economic system.

Is Transition political?

Criticising Transition for being explicitly apolitical, and for not engaging in the political system in the conventional way feels, to me, like criticising a spoon for not being very good at cutting bread.

"You have to join health and sustainability"

Health is an outcome really, and everything that the Transition movement is doing is good for health because it’s about clean water, clean air, good food, safety, security, connection with nature and towns that are liveable.

Reflections from the SHARE Conference

SHARE, which took place in San Francisco was dedicated to exploring the sharing economy, and highlighted both the innovation and challenges within this field.

What would a Transition hospital look like?

In many communities, the hospital is one of the largest employers, the largest procurer of food and energy, and a key focal point for many people in the community. What would a Transition hospital look like?

'The Impact of Transition. In numbers' - a note of caution

Transition is a wonderful melange of conversations, projects, interactions, inspirations, hard work, failures, successes and entirely unexpected events which we are altogether unsure what to make of!

Researching Transition

One of the most in-depth pieces of research on Transition published recently was Failure and Success of Transition initiatives: a study of the international replication of the Transition movement by Giuseppe Feola and Richard Nunes at the University of Reading.

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