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Tanking Asia Gas Prices Makes BC LNG 'Not Viable,' Expert Says

A liquified natural gas industry, as currently promoted by British Columbia's Liberal government, is not viable at current natural gas prices, and the proposed industry tax regime actually "gives a subsidy to the LNG industry," according to a royalty expert.

Peak Oil Notes - Oct 23

 A mid-week update. New York oil futures traded around $82 a barrel this week until Wednesday’s stocks report showed an unexpected 7 million barrel jump in US crude stocks.

Peak oil notes - Sept 11

A mid-week update. So far this week, oil prices in New York and London continued the collapse that has been going on since mid-June.

Peak Oil Review - Sept 8

A weekly update, including: -Oil and the Global Economy. -The Middle East & North Africa, -Ukraine, -Quote of the Week, -The Briefs

Peak oil notes - August 28

A mid-week update. Oil prices have been quiet this week trading around the Wednesday close of $93.88 in New York and $102.72 in London.

Peak oil notes - Aug 21

 A mid-week update. After falling for two days, oil prices rebounded on Wednesday after the weekly stocks report showed an unexpectedly large increase in US refinery utilization and a drop of 4.5 million barrels in US crude inventories.

Peak oil review - Jan 27

A weekly review, including: -Oil and the Global Economy -The Middle East and North Africa -China -Quote of the Week -The Briefs

Peak oil notes - Jan 23

A mid-week update. Energy prices have climbed sharply this week as frigid temperatures brought on by the second polar vortex boosted demand for heating fuels across much of the US.

Will the final blow for America’s shale gas 'revolution' be high prices?

As U.S. natural gas prices flirt with the $4 mark, some skeptics of the so-called shale gas revolution think prices are headed much higher. Such a move would, not surprisingly, seriously undermine the official story that the United States has a century of cheap natural gas waiting for the drillbit.

Natural gas consumers just got a big subsidy from investors, but it can’t continue

It isn’t often that the world’s working stiffs get a chance to fleece rich investors. But that’s essentially what has happened as a result of the vast overinvestment in natural gas drilling in the United States. Strangely, the long-term result may be a plunge in supply and a …

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