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The Big Picture of Wasted Food

If we want to see food waste, we have to look beyond landfill sites.

Restaurant Revolutionaries Fighting Food Waste

According to research by the charity WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme), the amount of food that is wasted annually in UK pubs and restaurants is equivalent to throwing away one in every six of the eight billion meals served each year.

Pedal-power and Precision Revolutionize Food Rescue in Boulder

When 1 in 7 people are going hungry in a country that throws out half the food it produces, there isn’t a supply problem; there’s a distribution problem.

Harvest Club Looks to Backyard Groves to Feed the Hungry

While citrus groves no longer dot the landscape, trees in backyards across Orange County, CA still yield an abundance of produce that sadly often goes to waste.

Another Side to Food Waste

The food waste debate has gone mainstream...However, there is one side to the story that is often overlooked: the impact of food waste in the Global South.

These Entrepeneurs are Using Technology to Turn a Profit on Food Waste

Take a look at what some creative businesses are doing to turn trash into treasure.

Community Composting Grows from a Seed into a Movement

At the core of any community composting program is the principle of using previously wasted resources as community assets and reinvesting them back into the community that created them.

The Truth Behind Waste in Supermarket Supply Chains

About half of the food wasted in the UK is wasted in the supply chain, before it even gets to the shopping basket – about 7 million tonnes of it. That’s more than enough to end UK food poverty.

Vermont’s Intervale Center’s Food Rescue Provides Fresh Produce for Methadone Clinic Patients

Excess fresh food is being provided to patients in the University of Vermont Medical Center’s methadone clinic. This keeps the extra food from being wasted!

City and Soil: How Food Waste Can Feed us

It may seem counter intuitive, but the greatest single tool we have to reconnect to our soils is this waste itself.

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