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Coal gasification, fracking, and natural gas headlines

•Fire in the hole: After fracking comes coal •Triple Divide Interview: Mark Ruffalo Fracking Documentary •Colorado First State to Clamp Down on Fracking Methane Pollution •Are we underestimating natural gas emissions? •China's Plan to Clean Up Air in Cities Will Doom the …

Bridge Out: Bombshell Study Finds Methane Emissions From Natural Gas Production Far Higher Than EPA Estimates

If, as now seems likely, natural gas production systems leak 2.7% (or more), then gas-fired power loses its near-term advantage over coal and becomes more of a gangplank than a bridge.

The one thing you need to know about the president's plan to address climate change

The one thing you need to know about President Obama's plan to address climate change is that the most it will accomplish is slowing very slightly the pace at which the world is currently hurtling toward catastrophic climate change.

Shale Gas: How clean is it?

The last and most prevalent myth about shale gas is that it's a clean, even green, alternative energy.

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