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Building Hope in Times of Crisis

‘There is a big need for the solidarity movement in Greece. It started in late 2011 and has nearly doubled now to around 400 groups – even more if you add the more loosely networked ones,’ Christos Giovanopoulos says.

CommonsFest in Greece: A Movement Expands

For a country suffering from economic devastation and political upheaval, Greece is not accustomed to bursts of optimism.

Movement of the Day: Informal Citizen Networks in Greece

Exchange and virtual currencies networks refer to activities organised by groups of citizens in specific regions or across the whole of Greece, where transactions are taking place without the use of money.

Meltemi: The Jewel of the Commons

Just in a reach of city bus from Athens, there is a community, which may be a living treasure of the commoning in Greece.

Finding hope among the ruins

While austerity measures are now an everyday reality for most Greeks, for an increasing number of people resourcefulness, problem solving and action have replaced anger and frustration.

Greeks stand up to protect their water from privatization

Greece knows a thing or two about democracy. And as an increasingly arid nation, good water management is fundamental to its future, both political and physical. The recent financial crisis hasn’t only tested Greek democracy, but its water as well.

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