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Crowdfunding and Ownership in the Sharing Economy

What would...our sensibilities regain, if sustainable local food projects matched the design of ownership and control to the sense of fit and appropriateness of each place the project were implemented?

The Benefits of Deploying Investment Capital Locally Vs Wall Street

How do we find hope and meaning in a world where the powerful look out for themselves first, second, and always?

Crowdfunding the Paradigm Shift

What’s exciting to me is that this new approach challenges the way we usually do business, even in the non-profit world.

Credibles Crowdfunds Credit for Food Businesses

Credibles' brilliant model is one part loyalty program, one part Slow Money investment, one part crowdfunding campaign, and one part credit currency.

How Crowdfunding Solar is Keeping the Lights on in Detroit

As the costs of solar technologies decrease, the opportunities for innovative solutions to community problems are increasing.

Crowdfunded solar energy emerges in California

As the price of solar has plummeted and leases have become more widespread, many more Americans have been able to go solar. But what about the 75% who can’t?

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