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Articles: Canadian energy policy (4)

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Key to the Leap: Leave the Oil in the Soil

The world ecological crisis is now apparent in abrupt climate shifts that are impossible to miss even in capitalist heartlands.

Trudeau and Climate: Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

The new face of Canada showed at Paris COP21 held out hope for many Canadians climate activists for a change of course on the climate. This week's announcements on national climate pricing falls far short of what is required for fighting climate change.

What's Missing from Canada's Fracking Debate?

This is a long read. Because the current 'debate' leaves out so much.

Why did Harper invite the Chinese government to buy Canada’s tar sands?

Oil politics makes for greasy bedfellows, and that accounts for some odd and ominous slipping and sliding on the part of Albertan oil developers and their guy in Ottawa, prime minister Stephen Harper.

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