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Remembrance of Things Yet to Come: An Anti-Modernist Response to Ted Trainer

That being said, I find the alternative vision for the future that Trainer suggests improbable as well, though I should also add that it is only presented briefly in the article in question. 

Going Beyond the "Ecological Turn"

Talk about the Anthropocene often has a tendency to rely on apolitical and colonialist assumptions. But the turn to ecology in the humanities will require acknowledging—and, more importantly, supporting—those peoples who have never turned their back on ‘ecology’ in the …

Solving Crime and Inequality, with a Seed

Is it possible for a humble seed and a patch of soil to be the catalysts for stronger, healthier, more equal urban communities?

The Degrowth Alternative

Both the name and the theory of degrowth aim explicitly to repoliticize environmentalism.

Lives Not Our Own

Keeping the Wild was conceived to confront the notion of human hegemony and also to join the growing conversation within the conservation movement about the so-called Anthropocene.

'Stand' a documentary film about British Columbia's threatened coast (review)

The idea of blending sports action with a story about the Enbridge's Northern Gateway pipeline project first came to filmmakers Anthony Bonello and Nicolas Teichrob not long after Hann’s paddling adventure.

Ecological Artist Basia Irland and Her “Ice Books” Engage Communities and Restore Rivers

Basia Irland is a sculptor, poet, and installation artist who has focused her creativity on rivers for thirty years.

River Killers

Destroying wild rivers to generate electricity is a false solution to humanity’s need for energy, with extremely high costs to individuals, communities, and ecosystems.

Primal Fears, Primal Joys

We’re living in a time of growing fear of what I have come to call the “Big Primal.” ...Our scientists confirm that we’re not all simply imagining that our weather has gone wild; for them, the warming of the oceans and the rising of the seas are facts, not theories.

Small Talk: Life on a Farm

I live on a farm that was once part forest, part swamp. I live with animals both domesticated and wild, with plants, with flowers, with a garden. My grandparents lived here, my parents, my siblings and I, and then my children too. I walk on the land every day and never get bored. There is always …

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